OG Millie

My name is Kamille Ejerta. I'am an NY based artist born and raised in Queens, currently a basketball student athlete at Dowling College on a full athletic scholarship and my major is graphic design and visual arts. Art to me is therapeutic...it was something I looked to after a bad game or stress from school. Art is to uncover suppression; being at your most vulnerable with the possibility of being rejected by society. It's not something I think about but rather feel. In 2012, I thought I almost lost that "feel" I had a sudden retinal detachment in my left eye and almost had total peripheral vision loss. It called for immediate surgery and the recovery time would be painstakingly slow and to this day my right eye compensates for my left. Art has been a savior at a time when I needed hope. I learned not to take things for granted and I found my escape through art. The potential is limitless and I feel free. As an emerging artist I started engaging in different medium forms and style techniques from influential artists in hopes to help create my own.