JasmineNichole is a self taught arist from Jamaica, Queens. With a background originally stemming from fashion and design, she officially took to painting in September 2014 calling it her true love. Since that time, JasmineNichole has been creating pieces of work that she labled emotional pop art. 
      "I am my art, and all of my art is me. I draw from emotion, what I am going through emotionally, what I see and feel. Mostly pain and triumph. I want people to look at my work and feel a connection to it. I want them to understand that the pain they feel in a situation is universal and I understand. I am able to turn feelings into visuals works." She said when asked what exactly emotional pop art is and the meaning behind it all.
Her medium that she works with is acrylic paint and occasionally paper. In almost 2 years she has cultivated what she calls time capsules, selling them at her art shows and her online website.
Website: www.jasminenichole.net
You can follow JasmineNichole on her social media: 
IG @jasminenicholeart
Facebook: jasmine nichole azor
Twitter @xjasseyx