Mobile App Change Request Form

Please list the changes you'd like to see incorporated below. As your app is currently in the design phase, you are entitled to one round of changes before the app is submitted to the stores. Keep in mind, the more specific the request, the better we can assist you.


  • For each individual change, please list the tab or feature you'd like to see the change on, and outline the change you'd like to see.

  • All images must be sent as individual files and all text changes must have the text included.

 For Example:

 Change Location: Home -> More -> Menus -> Lunch - Apply change to lunch menu

 Change Details: Change price for Large Pepperoni Pizza from $10.00 to $12.00


Name *
If you have images you'd like to have added to your app, you can simply and easily open a free file sharing account with DropBox, or a similar service. Please just be sure the file is set to share with anyone that has the link, then insert the link below. Also be sure to name each image file and let us know where we should be placing it within the app in the change location/details above.