Lady Moon & The Eclipse

Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a multicultural six-piece collective based in Brooklyn, NY. Through soaring vocal textures and R&B/afrobeat-influenced rhythms, their music sheds light on social issues. With a marked emphasis on inclusivity and spiritual unity, Lady Moon & The Eclipse explores relevant topics through a unique tapestry of cultural perspectives.
“Lady Moon” is vocalist Ngonda Badila, whose name means “moon” in Congolese. The rest of the band serves as the “sun” that bestows light upon her; during each stage performance the audience experiences a metaphorical “eclipse.” Hence the name — Lady Moon & The Eclipse. The band is a true conglomeration of artists; when off stage, band members pursue diverse mediums ranging from dance to visual arts to environmental science. 


 The Gospel:

The Gospel is a platform designed to showcase and feature powerful dynamic music and art lifestyle. Produced by Lady Moon & The Eclipse, the ongoing concert series has a mission to unify a strong community of performing and visual artists, designers and supporters of the arts.