Ike Slimster


A photographer, graphic designer, producer, videographer and more, an artist, in every sense of the word, the name is "Ike Slimster." young man who grew up bursting with curiosity for the arts. Born in the early 90's, in lagos, Nigeria, he frequently moving, until, finally moving to and settling in New York City.

Since arriving in America, the goal has been to perfect his skills and broaden the little knowledge that he had of his artistic abilities. Starting off as just an illustrator, skill sets grew to encompass a wider perspective of art. beginning to gain interest in instrumental music, computer graphics and film. a growing admiration for Indie movies, experimental music and early Russian inspired graphic designs; which he’s always described as bold and strong, as well as a love for comic art. All these things fused together and resulted in his unique style of graphic design and art in general. Ike slimster currently works on music and video projects with various artist as well as co-hosts a web show on Youtube called the "Nne nd IKe show," with his friend and partner Nneoma, Additionally, he does freelance work as an artist, also working on the underground creative force known as "BXE" and resides in queens/brooklyn, new york.