About AYo

Growing up during military tyranny in Nigeria left Ayo feeling powerless, unable to improve the plight of his people. Similar feelings ensued when he arrived in the depressed economic climate of Flint, Michigan, a city with resilient character but still reeling in the aftershocks of General Motor’s abandonment and violence. Both places however, inspires a life story that would ultimately radiate through his music and spoken-word poetry. Unravelling a deep creative burst during a brief stay in Japan, he returned to the U.S. and enrolled at the University of Michigan at the age of sixteen. Musically, it's been onward since then.

The passion and energy embedded in Ayo’s content and performance presence commands attention and has captivated the eyes of the music community, garnering notable attention. Recently, he opened for Talib Kweli at the legendary J.Dilla's tribute hosted by Jairobi of A Tribe Called Quest. He served on a panel with Lupe Fiasco, interviewed Russell Simmons for MTV and went on a successful European tour last year. He has also graced the legendary Apollo theater stage and featured at SXSW, where he opened for Gyptian. Ayo is a proponent of using his artistic platform as an avenue for social action; he organized a benefit for the kidnapped Nigerian girls and recently performed with his band to raise funds for children affected by contaminated lead water in Flint. His write-up as a Nigerian immigrant growing up in Flint juxtaposed with the water crisis, was recently featured in Huffington Post.

Primarily New York City based, Ayo plays with his own live band and dancers who move in a mesh of afro-beats/pop, modern, house, hip-hop and ballet dance styles. Ayo refers to his sound as Afro-T.R.A.P. (To Rebel Against Anybox Period). Unable to be confined at attempts in limiting his multi-genred approach which blends influences of Afro-Beats from his Nigerian roots with Hip-Hop, House, R&B/Neo-soul, and other musical inspirations. Ayo coined the phrase to reflect a lack of conformity with the narrow categorization of music and art.